Everything I Learned Doing Newborn Photography

This week I got to work the cutest model and the cutest little family ever. The Wilsons and their newborn, Holland, were so much fun to work with. Being around a newborn is such a precious experience and my first time doing newborn photography was delightful thanks to them.

After trying a few things to get the little one to fall asleep, we had a fun time trying different poses and accessories. I learned that it’s best to have a soft, comfortable blanket for the baby. If I wouldn’t like to sleep on it, neither would a baby. Also, we had the lights pretty close to her so we had to pull them back and soften them a little. Once Holland was comfortable, she just slept right through the session and we got the pictures we had planned on.

Check out the pictures below. Isn’t she just a doll?

And I owe a huge thank you to Caryn Esplin for lending me props and supplies, mentoring me, and always inspiring me. Check out Caryn’s work and one of my other favorite newborn photographers, LJ Holloway.