Making Special Effects in Your Camera

Even though Photoshop and DSLR’s are becoming more and more readily available these days (making everyone think they are photographers) you still need a creative mind to get amazing photos. Sometimes catching a shot of a water drop or getting up close on sugar are the special effects that people want to see in your photos. This creativity can make your images more fun and more interesting to your audience. Just ask Jim Harmer of Improve Photography.

How to Get Those in-camera Effects

The above shots were taken on my class photo excursion. The water drop shot was taken with a very fast shutter speed and a continuous drop of water into a large glass baking dish of water. The sugar on the strawberry had the same idea as the water drop, except I had to time the sugar throw right. The fog picture was taken using a fog machine and a speed light. All editing was done in Lightroom to make minimal enhancements to the photos.